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About Us

The Buddhist Center of Bellisseria is our virtual center on the Bellesseria continent on secondlife, home of the new Linden homes and community.

The center is open to the public and all residents. It is the First and official Buddhist dharma center in the region which it’s purpose is to offer core understanding of Dharma. community compassion and wellness.

The Bellisseria center is a non-denominational with focus on core Dharma, and offers a place for other to share Dharma and various schools and approaches to help others live a compassionate life. It also provides other topics in neuroscience and wellness to help people live a happier healthier life.

The center has a garden for Dharma and community talks, sitting area inside as well as kitchen, upstairs study office, and a room with beds for those needing a place to stay, especially when waiting for a new Linden home.

The location of the center is here (MAP LINK)


Dharma speakers and teachers: 

Scott Anythony (anthonytorino Resident): Dharma and wellness Teacher

Max (Wushin Resident). Professor in Buddhist Studies and Neuroscience studies.

The Dharma library upstairs has free books to read.


Types of discussions and gatherings.

Formal Zen and other schools of Buddhist practice and meditation.

General Core Dharma

Community Health and Wellness

General meditation, and discussions. Things that can help everyone in daily life from all walks of life, become compassionate and handle situations.

Community Discussions


Be sure to join the Bellisseria Citizens and Community group for other places to visit.

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