For the Bellisseria Citizens and Community of Secondlife

September community Retreat

Dates: September 1-7 , 2019

Starting Time: 8am SLT each day.

The Bellisseria Buddhist Center will be holding a retreat on these dates starting each morning at the center. This is a special community event with focus on well being, and studies that help in personal growth, community growth, and health and wellness.

Members, students, and Secondlife members should gather each morning they can attend at the center at 8am SLT (PT), 10am CT.

Days will begin with a meet and greet, then a dharma or wellness discussion, meditation, followed by a lunch break.

We will then begin a community walking meditation in various locations on bellesseria, as well as visiting other spots for the community. This includes parks, pool areas, cafe’s , and centers.

If you are a Dharma speaker with a background in Buddhist studies or a health and wellness educator with experience in programs you may email me at or call or basic text (text only no media) the center phone number to volunteer to speak during the week. Leave a message or text the message center with your name, contact, and the topic ideas you would like to cover.

Scheduled Topics:

Sunday 9/1: History of Buddhism and Siddhartha. Schools of Buddhism

Monday 9/2: The 4 noble Truths and the 8 fold Path

Tuesday 9/3: Transforming Mind. Ways to perceive things as they are and transform negative experience into wisdom and positive action. Replace negative thoughts with practice and focus.

Wednesday 9/4: Wellness: Healthy body healthy mind. Eating right, and healthy perception.

Thursday 9/5: Deeper meditation. Evaluating situations that arise in meditation, evaluating them, and letting them go. Diamond mind meditation.

Friday 9/6: Taking what we learn and reflecting positive actions and the 8 fold path in the community.

Saturday 9/7: Reflection on discussions during the retreat: open discussion and questions. Longer meditation.

I hope to see you all.


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