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Compassion in the Community: About the founder and the cores of Buddhism
By Scott Anthony Di Iorio

Welcome to the Buddhist Center of Bellisseria. I would like to explain the center, as well as a core understanding of Buddhism, and the Dharma center for those who may not be familiar with it. This will help people understand the universal aspects and why the founder is so excited about the new Linden homes and the community here.

About myself: 
My name is Scott. I currently live in southern Texas near my family, originally moving from New Jersey over a decade ago. I have family native to this area, who also were founders in towns in the region. In my earlier life I was exposed to aspects of religion and studied various kinds, including Christianity, pagan, and more theological kinds.

One aspect of myself at the core of my nature is the desire for knowledge, and my compassionate nature. Especially when it comes to nature and others who struggle in life. This also led me to pursue work in the Veterinary field, where helping animals suffering from illness was a natural aspect of myself. I have always had a certain awareness, and high compassionate state, while also being very direct and honest. Even with such a compassionate nature, there was a balance I needed to find in life, that of Wisdom.

Early in life, many of us, attach to external sources to try and bring a feeling of happiness and completeness. I am no different. Those of us who live in a western world know this very well. We are often addressing so many issues at once. Struggles that manifest around us from the minds of others. Political struggles, struggles against human rights, equality, stresses of work, and simply making a living to survive. I have faced oppression and stigma myself. Out of the suffering the mind becomes clouded and often we seek ways to attach to things to relieve the suffering. This is our ego’s desires. Even the desire to be accepted, rather then accepting ourselves first.

I naturally flowed towards the teachings of the Dharma. It can be all so simple, yet so complex. The Buddha Siddhartha so long ago, taught us the four noble truths. That there is suffering, the cause of suffering, the cessation or end to suffering, and the path and teachings that get us there (through understanding and wisdom.) This felt natural to me.

I mindfully studied the Dharma in traditional Zen and advanced Vajrayana Buddhism. Working through the mind. Seeking to complete my 4 year program and 3 year teachers certification in Buddhism as now a lay teacher.

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